• aura/sqlschema

    Provides facilities to read table names and table columns from a database using PDO.

  • aura/sql

    A PDO extension that provides lazy connections, array quoting, identifier quoting, query profiling, value binding, and convenience methods for common fetch styles. Because it extends PDO, existing code that uses PDO can use this without any changes to the existing code.

  • ray/aura-sql-module

    aura/sql module for Ray.Di

  • jdorn/sql-formatter

    a PHP SQL highlighting library

  • aura/intl

    The Aura Intl package provides internationalization tools, specifically message translation.

  • justinrainbow/json-schema

    A library to validate a json schema.

  • aura/di

    Provides a dependency injection container system with native support for constructor- and setter-based injection, lazy-loading of services, and inheritable configuration of setters and constructor params.

  • aura/router

    A web router implementation; given a URI path and a copy of $_SERVER, it will extract path-info parameter values for a specific route.

  • aura/cli

    Provides the equivalent of request (Context) and response (Stdio) classes for a command line environment, including Getopt support.

  • aura/view

    Provides an implementation of the TemplateView and TwoStepView patterns, with support for helpers and for closures as templates, using PHP itself as the templating language.

  • aura/sqlquery

    Object-oriented query builders for MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, and SQLServer; can be used with any database connection library.

  • aura/html

    Provides HTML escapers and helpers, including form input helpers.

  • aura/web

    Provides web Request and Response objects for use by web controllers and actions. These are representations of the PHP web environment, not HTTP request and response objects proper.

  • aura/session

    Provides session management functionality, including lazy session starting, session segments, next-request-only ("flash") values, and CSRF tools.

  • aura/filter

    The Aura Filter package provider validators and sanitizers for user data.