• laracasts/utilities

    Transform your PHP to JavaScript

  • joomla/utilities

    Joomla Utilities Package

  • thefox/utilities

    Collection of usefull PHP utilities.

  • codezero/utilities

    All-round utilities library

  • mynt/utilities

    Mynt Utilities: Collection of classes meant to aid you in web development by solving some common problems.

  • lillockey/utilities

    General utilities

  • friendsofcake/cakephp-test-utilities

    Package with support traits to ease unit testing.

  • asm/php-utilities

    php tools with data container, collection objects, yaml config loader and timer

  • kunstmaan/utilities-bundle

    The KunstmaanUtilitiesBundle makes your life easier by providing a couple of small but usefull helper services you can use and re-use in your applications. We already implemented an easy to use cipher service and a shell helper service for you but feel free to send in a pull request with your additions. The shell helper allows you to run apps in the background, see if a process is running and has a method to kill a running process. The cipher service allow you to encode and decode strings using the Rijndael 256 cipher

  • srlabs/laravel-testing-utilities

    Helper utilities for testing Laravel Applications

  • colymba/silverstripe-utilities

    random collection of handy scripts/utilities for SilverStripe.

  • cerealean/php-common-utilities

    Commonly used core PHP functionality improved upon and made for quick, easy use

  • abcaeffchen/sepa-utilities

    SepaUtilities provides useful methods for validating and sanitizing inputs used in sepa files.

  • skyzyx/shared-utilities

    Shared, re-usable classes that can be pulled into other sub-projects.

  • phpunit/php-timer

    Utility class for timing