• laracasts/utilities

    Transform your PHP to JavaScript

  • joomla/utilities

    Joomla Utilities Package

  • jippi/cakephp-test-utilities

    Package with support traits to ease unit testing.

  • kunstmaan/utilities-bundle

    The KunstmaanUtilitiesBundle makes your life easier by providing a couple of small but usefull helper services you can use and re-use in your applications. We already implemented an easy to use cipher service and a shell helper service for you but feel free to send in a pull request with your additions. The shell helper allows you to run apps in the background, see if a process is running and has a method to kill a running process. The cipher service allow you to encode and decode strings using the Rijndael 256 cipher

  • phpunit/php-timer

    Utility class for timing

  • zendframework/zendxml

    Utility library for XML usage, best practices, and security in PHP

  • wp-cli/php-cli-tools

    Console utilities for PHP

  • phpcr/phpcr-utils

    PHP Content Repository implementation independant utilities

  • ocramius/proxy-manager

    A library providing utilities to generate, instantiate and generally operate with Object Proxies

  • phpunit/php-invoker

    Utility class for invoking callables with a timeout.

  • zendframework/zftool

    Utility module for Zend Framework 2 applications.

  • nette/utils

    Nette Utility Classes

  • internations/solr-utils

    Solr/Lucene utilities for PHP

  • cakedc/utils

    Utils Plugin for CakePHP

  • react/async

    Async utilities for React.