• sylius/sylius

    E-Commerce platform for PHP, based on Symfony framework.

  • sylius/resource

    Basic resource interfaces for PHP applications.

  • sylius/sylius-standard

    Sylius Standard Edition, base application for Sylius powered E-Commerce projects.

  • sylius/storage

    Component allowing easily & unified storage handling for PHP applications.

  • sylius/registry

    Services registry.

  • sylius/attribute

    Component for handling object attributes in PHP projects.

  • sylius/sequence

    Component for handling sequences in PHP projects.

  • sylius/order

    Orders management library for PHP.

  • sylius/cart

    Cart engine for PHP applications.

  • sylius/taxation

    Flexible taxation system for PHP ecommerce applications.

  • sylius/variation

    Object variants and options management for PHP.

  • sylius/money

    Money and currency handling for PHP applications.

  • sylius/translation

    Translation component for translatable resources.

  • sylius/product

    Product catalog system with support for product options and variants.

  • sylius/promotion

    Flexible promotion management for PHP applications.