Provides easy access to Zend Server API

1.3 2014-02-26 16:52 UTC


ZF2 module that ease Zend Server API usage

Zend Framework 2 API

To use a Zend Server API, call the APIManager form the service locator :

$apiManager = $serviceLocator->get('zend_server_api');

And then send the request and retrieve the response like this :

$apiResponse = $apiManager->apiMethodName();

Where ApiMethodName is the API method : getNotifications, cacheClear, etc.... see Zend Server Web API documentation. $apiResponse will be ApiResponse instance and can be used a SimpleXMLElement to get XML Data. By exemple the clusterGetServerStatus method will return a response in which you can acces data like that :

$nodeCount = $apiResponse->responseData->serverList->count(); //To know the number a nodes in the cluster
$serverStatus = $apiResponse->responseData->serverList->serverInfo[0]->status // To know the status of the first node

API Request parameters POST or GET can be passed to the ApiManger by using an array :

$response = $apiManager->auditGetList(array(
        'limit' => 5,
        'order' => 'creation_time',
        'direction' => 'DESC'


You can set a default configuration of your environment in the zendserverwebapi.conf.php file under the 'zsapi' key:

'zsapi' => array (
    //Configuratin of the HTTP client that will connect to the Zend Server
    'client' => array (
        'adapter' => 'Zend\Http\Client\Adapter\Curl',
    // Target - the Zend Server you want to reach through API
    'target' => new ArrayObject(array (
        'zsurl' => 'http://localhost:10081', //
        'zskey' => '<SECRET-NAME>',
        'zssecret' => '<SECRET-HASH>',
        'zsversion' => '6.1',