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    Cortex Tags is a frontend layer for the polymorphic Laravel package, for tag management. You can tag any eloquent model with ease, and utilize the awesomeness of Sluggable, and Translatable models out of the box.

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    Cortex Tenants is a frontend layer for the contextually intelligent polymorphic Laravel package, for single db multi-tenancy. You can completely isolate tenants data with ease using the same database, with full power and control over what data to be centrally shared, and what to be tenant related and therefore isolated from others.

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    Cortex Console is a set of powerful tools for administrators and system support staff, to maintain the project through a web console.

  • JavaScript


    Ticketing system for Laravel (from 5 to 8). Allows to create new tickets via form only. Includes file attachments, ticket tags, filtering, scheduling and e-mail notifications.

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    Core module of YajraCMS.

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    The Laravel Framework.

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    A Laravel Admin Package to make your life easier and steer your project in the right direction

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    Open Source abusemanagement tool

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    Cortex Contacts is a frontend layer for the polymorphic contact management system. You can add contacts to any eloquent model with ease.

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    Cortex Auth B2B2C2 (Business to Business, Business to Customer, Business to Business to Customer) is a complementary module for cortex/auth which is frontend layer for the powerful authentication, authorization and verification package rinvex/laravel-auth on top of Laravel.

    Abandoned! See cortex/auth

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    Core pembantu untuk mempercepat dan mempermudah development aplikasi.