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Wardrobe is designed to be a very minimal blogging platform with the primary focus on writing. Currently it is a work in progress but you are free to give it a try. (Just be warned this alpha/beta quality). If you have any issues or ideas please report them.



Wardrobe has a few system requirements:

  • PHP >= 5.3.7
  • MCrypt PHP Extension
  • PDO compliant database (SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite)

Installing Wardrobe

Installing Wardrobe is now as simple as running composer create-project wardrobe/wardrobe. After running this command, modify your app/config/database.php file with your database credentials and visit the site in your browser.

In the browser you will be directed to the guided install process which will:

  • Prepare your database for WardrobeCMS
  • Help you create your first user
  • Help you set your site title, theme, and page values

Upgrading Wardrobe

Run composer update then php artisan wardrobe:migrate to migrate any db tables.

Theming Wardrobe

By default, your theme files are located in public/themes. You can modify these themes or create your own using the default themes as a guide. The configuration for your themes is located in app/config/packages/wardrobe/core/wardrobe.php in the theme option.