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  • PHP


    Hide confidential configuration values from backend users

  • PHP


    The "Bartacus Standard Edition" distribution

    Abandoned! See bartacus/website-skeleton

  • bartacus/website-skeleton

    A TYPO3 v9 project with Symfony

  • PHP


    Bootstrap Package delivers a full configured frontend theme for TYPO3, based on the Bootstrap CSS Framework.

  • blueways/bw-bookingmanager

    A generic bookingmanager

  • blueways/bw-captcha

    TYPO3 extension that integrates gregwar/captcha into Form

  • blueways/bw-icons

    TYPO3-Extension that adds a icon form element

  • blueways/bw-static-template

    TYPO3 extension that adds a frontend plugin for rendering static fluid templates. Inject JSON and FAL data into the templates.

  • Shell


    TYPO3 CMS skeleton project (using git-push deployment)

  • PHP


    API and view helpers for schema.org markup

  • PHP


    TYPO3 extension providing content elements powered by container and bootstrap. Available elements: container, columns, tabs, accordion, tile unit and card.

  • PHP


    Typically used to manage group events in sport clubs. Members can easily register and unregister for events and trainers might notify participants by email. Provides a matrix-, list- and detail view from events.

  • PHP


    Extension to create websites using bootstrap. It builds upon the bootstrap_package from Benjamin Kott and increases functionality by supporting the following extensions: container_elements, pp_gridelements, flux_elements, timelog, ws_flexslider, slickcarousel, indexed_search, news, eventnews, tt_address.

  • PHP


    This TYPO3 distribution provides a sample website using bootstrap and the extensions pizpalue and container_elements. The distribution tailors Swiss market featuring German as default language and additional translations to French, English and Finnish.

  • HTML


    TYPO3 extension providing content elements powered by gridelements and bootstrap. Available elements: container, columns, tabs, accordion, tile unit and card.