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  • t3graf/extended-bootstrap-package

    Extends Benjamin Kott's Bootstrap package with new, useful functions such as mega menus, an optional top bar panel, new CE's and more. Furthermore, it's a good example how you can adapt the bootstrap package to your own needs.

  • t3graf/setdefaultauthor

    Defaults the author/email fields in pages and sys_notes to the info from the currently logged in user.

  • PHP


    Sudhaus7 TYPO3 CMS Base Sitepackage

  • t3-themes/t3-theme-diag

    Diag is a very flexible TYPO3 theme built for Digital Marketing Agency, SEO Agency, Advertising Agency related businesses. You can easily create a modern website and start promoting your services in less than minutes. It is fully responsive and easy to Customize. Detailed documentation is included on how to install the theme, import demo content, and customize it.

  • blueways/bw-icons

    TYPO3-Extension that adds a icon form element

  • PHP


    Sentry Client for TYPO3

  • PHP


    A showcase for UX changes to the TYPO3 page module

  • PHP


    Typically used to manage group events in sport clubs. Members can easily register and unregister for events and trainers might notify participants by email. Provides a matrix-, list- and detail view from events.

  • hn/typo3-bootstrap

    Initial setup for a typo3 project

  • PHP


    A flexible url shortener for TYPO3, with FLUID ViewHelpers and Encodeservice

  • PHP


    A showcase for UX changes to the TYPO3 page module

  • PHP


    Write templates in plain PHP and HTML.