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  • PHP


    TYPO3 Extension for the styla content experience engine.

  • PHP


    TYPO3 extension to access the final page title, built by the PageTitle API, within TypoScript

  • PHP


    A GraphQL extension for TYPO3

  • PHP


    TYPO3 CMS extension with fluid image view helpers to use thumbor as cropping service. It speeds up your thumbnail generation and adds some AI features like face recognition. To use it, you have to start the service separately.

  • PHP


    TYPO3 integration for the WECHANGE platform (https://wechange.de/)

  • typoniels/accordion

    A simple accordion content element for structuring large amounts of content, e.g. for the privacy policy. The Accordion is based on Irre records and offers a search function in addition to icons. In use at www.typoniels.de/datenschutzerklaerung

  • compartner/typo3-minimal

    Meta package with minimal package requirement

  • PHP


    Provides the frontend user login mode functionality for TYPO3

  • PHP


    Import google docs content into TYPO3

  • typoniels/depositphotos

    This extension integrates the free collections of Despositphotos as image source for TYPO3 and takes care of the correct attribution with image credits.

  • lbr-media/typo3-bootstrap-base

    TYPO3 CMS Base Distribution with bootstrap 5 template engine.

  • PHP


    Hauer-Heinrich - Content Accordion

  • PHP


    Add a watchlist to frontend of TYPO3

  • PHP


    Write templates in plain PHP and HTML.

  • t3graf/sis-base

    Sports information system for sports clubs to present team information, player profiles, upcoming matchdays, game results, competition or tournament tables, reports and statistics on the club website.