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  • PHP


    Bounced Email manager. direct_mail return mail analysis without fetchmail installed (uses php imap functions)

  • PHP


    Find duplicate files and clean up database and filesystem.

  • PHP


    Cookie Consent Panel (Optin) with DSGVO/GDPR compliant use of cookies. Preconfigured modules for Google Analytics, Facebook and other frequently used services. Arbitrary expandability with tracking scripts that generate cookies on your website. Support of Google Tag Manager and easy export of Google Tag Manager. Third-party cookies and scripts are only loaded when active consent is given. Website visitors can edit their privacy settings at any time. Automatic update of cookie information when new cookies/scripts are inserted with secure consent procedure. Cookies can be automatically added to the privacy policy via a plugin. Multilingual and full support for desktop, tablet and mobile. Four standard modes for displaying the content solution. Based on Klaro!.

  • PHP


    Integrator optimized f:debug alternative

  • PHP


    Integration of ThueCat into TYPO3 CMS.

  • PHP


    Reverts the drop down save buttons in the backend to 3 single buttons

  • PHP


    TYPO3 extensions to generate new random data or replace existing data with random data

  • HTML


    Status from Statuspal.io

  • PHP


    Contains system information messages for showing informations about the current build.

  • PHP


    Booking extension for FE users

  • PHP


    Flat manager, shows bookings of holiday flats in calendars, availability check included.

  • JavaScript


    Openstreetmap / leaflet maps with radial search and hierarchic categories.

  • PHP


    Google maps with radial search and hierarchic categories. Show the results in responsive Google maps, traffic- and bicycling layer included and can be activated via constant editor.

  • PHP


    Google maps for tt_address with radial search and categories