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Application builder for Laravel

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A fluent application builder for Laravel 5.4 +

  • This project is heavily under development and is not recommended for production use until a full stable release.


  • use composer command: composer require toolsets/builder
  • after installing, register the service provider Toolsets\Builder\LaravelBuilderServiceProvider::class, on Laravel configs/app.php file
  • Open the terminal go to your Laravel project root path, run artisan command php artisan builder:install (before running this command, make sure DB is configured in your Laravel app)
  • now, run php artisan serve or go straight to your project web url and hit /builder that will open the builder app. Example http://localhost:8000/builder


Contributions to the Laravel Builder library are welcome. Please note the following guidelines before submiting your pull request.

  • Follow PSR-2 coding standards.
  • Write tests for new functions and added features


This Laravel Builder is open-source software licensed under the MIT license