Reflection that accounts for features that are in static analysers, but aren't in the language yet

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Reflection that accounts for features that are in static analysers, but aren't in the language yet.

Main points:

  • don't reinvent the wheel: use existing PHPStan (and other analysers possibly) and native reflection infrastructure as a source of information
  • don't attempt to cover "PHP magic". No @property support. No @method support unless used for method overloading. No support for stupid built-in objects like stdClass or SimpleXML. No @mixin support.
  • speed & caching is key. This must be fast enough to consistently use in production.

Design decisions

Cache storage

We can't and don't really want to put reflection metadata into files containing the classes in a form of attributes as this would bring a lot of visual noise for developers and dangerous code modification on CI container build or on production itself. This isn't ideal, even though is fast.

Instead, we're storing reflection metadata per-class in a separate "caching" folder and base it around file modification date. If anything changes in a file, the previous cache gets overwritten.

Relocation (scoping) of phpstan/phpstan-src

Sadly, PHPStan doesn't have a separate library for it's type system, nor does it want to have one due to maintenance costs. To overcome a ton of incompatibilities (such as locked package versions, emulated PHP version and interoperability with static analysers of this and all dependent projects), it's been decided to instead install it separately, relocate and then include the relocated sources as a dependency.

This is far from perfect, but maintaining a whole type system of our own until PHP introduces at least some of the PHPStan features, namely generics, is much harder than what currently takes it to relocate.


Install dependencies: docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/app -w /app composer install

Run tests: docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/app -w /app php:7.4-cli vendor/bin/pest

Run php-cs-fixer on self: docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/app -w /app composer cs-fix

Psalm support

Psalm doesn't have a nice, flexible infrastructure behind it like PHPStan does, so we can't really use it for our needs. PHPStan provides ReflectionProvider interface and it's complete implementation while there's not really a proper alternative in Psalm that doesn't feel like it will break any minute.