Calculates mean values of recurring letters form text stream.

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This app finds recurring letters in words from JSON API text stream and calculates mean values.

API parameters are sent via form.

App will return json with total mean value of recurring words and mean value per letter.


Run following command inside terminal, in your local server root directory to download repository:

composer create-project solingenn/similaritipsum:dev-master

After repository is downloaded, get into project dir:

cd similaritipsum

and write following command:

php bin/console server:run

You should get output like this:

[OK] Server listening on

Copy link to your browser, press on `Recurring letters stream` link and follow instructions.


Because of lack of time and hastiness to finish this project in time, I've made some cutbacks and oversights:

  • in `attributes1` of JSON report, I've forgot to include how many recurred letters and words with recurred letter appeared, instead only mean value was returned. I've found this last minute, while writing this readme so refactoring was out of question.
  • in `Recurring letters stream` section, there were supposed to be two forms to call two text streams. In the end I've decided to go with one form and one stream and make it simple to buy some time.
  • initally, idea was to create two sections; `Recurring letters streamsection was made as planned and other section was supposed to beSkewer words`. That's why there is only one link on homepage, instead of `Recurring letters stream` to be called as homepage.
  • no unit test is written