Menu Bundle that allows you to create menus, and manage them easily.

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Last update: 2020-09-19 08:11:04 UTC


SeraphMenuBunlde is the update of Id4vMenuBundle on Symfony 4.

How it works

A Menu is a tree of MenuItems, this bundle allows the configuration of multiply menu.

All menus can have a different structure. With this bundle you can provide your own template or you can use the default template.

The default template use bootstrap 4, but you can override any parts of this to use anything else.

  • Menus :

    • A Collection of MenuItem.
    • A Name.
  • MenuItems :

    • A label to display.
    • A link go when clicked.

To read more about the using of this bundle, we invite you to check the docs


  1. Install it using composer

    $ composer require seraph/menu-bundle-2.0
  2. Add routing of the bundle

    # app/config/routes.yaml   
        resource: '@SeraphMenuBundle/Controller'
        type: annotation
        prefix: '/admin' 
  3. Update your database with Menu and MenuItem

    $ php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force


You can find in this folder, how you can use the bundle :