Administration core module for all LUYA admin modules

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LUYA Administration Interface module

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Administration Interface based on AngularJs, Bootstrap 4 and Yii 2 Framework (which is wrapped in the LUYA CORE).

LUYA Admin Interface

  • CRUD (based on RESTful and Angular)
  • Scaffolding CRUDs
  • Syncing Project between Environments
  • Storage System for Files and Images, also known as File Manager.
  • Permission System with Users and Groups.
  • Searching trough all Modules and Models.

LUYA Admin Globalsearch


For the installation of modules Composer is required.

composer require luyadev/luya-module-admin:~1.0.0


After installation via Composer include the module to your configuration file within the modules section.

'modules' => [
    // ... 
    'admin' => [
        'class' => 'luya\admin\Module',


After successfully installation and configuration run the migrate, import and setup command to initialize the module in your project.

1.) Migrate your database.

./vendor/bin/luya migrate

2.) Import the module and migrations into your LUYA project.

./vendor/bin/luya import

3.) Create admin user and and user groups.

./vendor/bin/luya admin/setup

You can now login to your Administration Interface by adding the admin module in the Url: