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##Bolt Stack

Bolt stack is a fork of bolt-composer-webroot skeleton for ensuring some basement of building a stackable aplication on top of Bolt.

###Install Bolt as a Web-Root Composer Package

This skeleton installs the Bolt app outside of the web root, with a public directory to handle public assets.

To install:

composer create-project rixbeck/boltstack-webroot mybolt-project

Create a mapping in your web/index.php for app stacking similar like this:

  $map = array(
  '/foo' => Stack\lazy(function () {
     $app = new Foo\Application();
     return $app;
  '/bar' => Stack\lazy(function () {
     $app = new Bar\Application();
     return $app;

Add your dependant modules in composer.json require section

"require": {
    "vendorname/foo": "*",
    "vendorname/bar": "*"

Then navigate to /bolt and you should see the first user setup screen.