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Redis Message Queue (ReMQ) is a message queue built on top of the awesome Redis key-value store.

Getting ReMQ

ReMQ is published on Packagist, so you can install it using Composer.

"require": {
	"remq/remq": "version"


Jobs are stored as classes. The class must have a perform method which can take a variable number of parameters.

class JobClass

	static function perform($param1, $param2)
		echo "Ran job with {$param1} and {$param2}.";


Queuing Jobs

Instead of creating a queue for each job, ReMQ allows multiple jobs per queue. This is for simplicity's sake, and there is no other reason behind it.

$queue = new ReMQ\Queue('name');
$queue->enqueue(JobClass, 'param1', 'param2');

Processing Jobs

To process a job, you need to create a worker for the queue.

$worker = new ReMQ\Worker('name');

You can also add additional queues to process.


You can also match queue names.


To run the worker, you will call run, runTime, runCount, or runForever.

$worker->runTime(60); // run the worker for 60 seconds. REMQ_RUN_TIME
$worker->runCount(10); // run 10 jobs. REMQ_RUN_COUNT
$worker->runForever(); // run until the script is killed. REMQ_RUN_FOREVER
$worker->run(REMQ_RUN_TYPE, [$unit]); // default is REMQ_RUN_FOREVER

Failing Jobs

If an exception is thrown when a job is being processed, the job will be re-enqueued, and the exception rethrown.

try {
} Catch (Exception $e) {
	echo $e->getMessage();


  • Handle errors.


ReMQ is using Predis to connect with Redis. By default Predis will connect to on port 6379. If you are running Redis on another machine, or a non-standard port, you can define that using the setRedisConfig method.

	'host' => ''

If Redis has an auth password, you will need to call the auth command before queuing or processing any jobs.



If you have made any changes or modifications (and passing tests) to ReMQ, please open a pull request. I would love to have it included in the official package.