Anax comment module.

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Anax comment module with user and admin integration.


Anax base as project

You need a Anax installation, before you can use this module. You can create a sample Anax installation like this, using the scaffolding utility anax-cli.

Scaffold a sample Anax installation anax-site-develop into directory of your choice (make sure it's accessible from your web host), the example here is 'my-project'.

Press Y (or just enter) for the post-processing to finish the scaffolding.

$ anax create my-project anax-site-develop

Now just hop into the project and let's start installing the comment module!

$ cd my-project

Comment Module Installation

First, install the comment module with composer...

The module will be downloaded from packagist and will end up in our vendor folder.

$ composer require reblex/comment

Copy the source files...

The source files contain the central functionality for the comment system.

$ rsync -av vendor/reblex/comment/src/* src/

Copy the route, session and database files...

$ rsync -av vendor/reblex/comment/config/route/* config/route/
$ rsync -av vendor/reblex/comment/config/{database,session}.php config/

Configure DI route, and database...

Now we need to add the configurations for both DI and Route. Examples can be found in vendor/reblex/comment/config/di.php and vendor/reblex/comment/config/route.php.

The database also needs configuration for your specifications.

Now for the SQL setup files...

These files are used to setup the base table structure needed. Query your database with these files.

$ rsync -av vendor/reblex/comment/sql/* config/sql

The login credentials for the two test accounts are (user,user) and (admin, admin).

And then finally we need the views...

$ rsync -av vendor/reblex/comment/view/* view/


This software carries a MIT license.

..:  Copyright (c) 2018 Simon Wahlström (