A simple and complete bencode encoder/decoder

1.1 2014-03-16 01:40 UTC


A simple, efficient and complete Bencode encoder/decoder for PHP.


Install the composer package.


use \PureBencode\Bencode;

// encode
$bencode = Bencode::encode($value);

// decode
$value   = Bencode::decode($bencode);
  • Bencode::encode() accepts only PHP values which can be converted to their exact original by Bencode::decode(). Those are ints, strings and arrays whose contents are also valid.
  • arrays with keys of the form 0, 1, 2...n with be encoded as lists. All others will be encoded as dictionaries with their keys in sorted order.
  • Any problems will result in a \PureBencode\Exception with an appropriate message.

That is all. Have fun Bencodeing!