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This is a fork of moneyphp/money that removes the BC Math and GMP functions.

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Money Pattern

This is a fork of moneyphp/money that removes the BC Math and GMP functions. The API remains the same as in the official documentation.


Via Composer

$ composer require programarivm/money-pattern

Why Remove the BC Math and the GMP Extensions?

The short answer: to reduce the attack surface of your app.

moneyphp/money assumes that very huge amounts of money are going to be handled by default, considering that the limit established by PHP_INT_MAX is to be bypassed.

PHP_INT_MAX (integer). The largest integer supported in this build of PHP. Usually int(2147483647) in 32 bit systems and int(9223372036854775807) in 64 bit systems. Available since PHP 5.0.5

More specifically, the Money class internally picks BC Math or GMP by default if detecting those PHP extensions, as it is shown next.



namespace Money;

use Money\Calculator\BcMathCalculator;
use Money\Calculator\GmpCalculator;
use Money\Calculator\PhpCalculator;

 * Money Value Object.
 * @author Mathias Verraes
final class Money implements \JsonSerializable

     * @var array
    private static $calculators = [


     * @return Calculator
     * @throws \RuntimeException If cannot find calculator for money calculations
    private static function initializeCalculator()
        $calculators = self::$calculators;
        foreach ($calculators as $calculator) {
            /** @var Calculator $calculator */
            if ($calculator::supported()) {
                return new $calculator();
        throw new \RuntimeException('Cannot find calculator for money calculations');


In short, BC Math and GMP are encouraged to be installed. However, arbitrary precision arithmetic functions should not be used in common web apps -- according to the least privilege principle they should be installed only if necessary.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.