Simple, Laravel package for e-commerce payments.

dev-master 2018-09-10 12:50 UTC


Simple, Laravel, package for e-commerce payments. You can pay the bills right now via your favorite payment method.


To use it, simply:

  1. Run composer require mrcyna/e-pay dev-master in your terminal.

  2. Add \MrCyna\EPay\EPayProvider::class, to providers array in config/app.php.

  3. Add 'EPay' => MrCyna\EPay\Facades\EPay::class, to aliases array in config/app.php.

  4. Run php artisan vendor:publish --force --tag=e-pay to publish vendor files.

  5. Checkout config/e-pay.php to configure your methods.


  • ZarinPal
  • Mellat

Usage Examples:

In your payment page:

	->description('Your Company Or Customer Description')
	->callback( url('shop/checkout') )

And in your callback page:

$transaction = EPay::method('Fake')

The output result will be like:

	"result": true
	"message": "Transaction has been done successfully."