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Matthew Blode's Craft 3 base project






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This is a scaffolding package for Craft 3 CMS projects. In addition to setting up a new Craft 3 CMS project, this project sets up:

  • Craft CMS 3.*
  • Installs the following plugins:
    • analytics
    • cp-field-inspect
    • expanded-singles
    • field-manager
    • image-resizer
    • linkit
    • position-fieldtype
    • redactor
    • redactor-tweaks
    • seomatic
    • sprout-encode-email
    • sprout-fields
    • sprout-forms
    • super-table
    • wordsmith
  • Scaffolds multi-environment setup
  • Installs all plugins
  • Sets up entire CP - Sections, Assets, All Settings, Users, Fields, Transforms, Globals
  • Sets up and configures plugins - stuff like renaming plugin names, etc
  • Sets up widgets
  • Contains front-end framework to get started on new projects

Setting up for the first time

You'll only need to perform the following steps once, or for a brand-new computer. For day-to-day use, refer to the next section.

In order to use this scaffolding tool, you'll need to install Composer - a PHP package manager. If you have not installed Composer, follow the macOS/Linux/Unix instructions (install it globally).

Next, make sure you're on the latest Composer version:

composer self-update

Using mblode/craft3

This project package works exactly the way Pixel & Tonic's craftcms/craft package works.

First in Beanstalk, create your new repository for the project you're working on. Clone this (empty) repository locally, and open a terminal in the root of the project folder. For instance:

1. Create a new Git repository called `example`
2. Clone it via Tower to `~/web`
3. Open a new terminal and `cd ~/web/example`

Now you're in the project folder, create a new project by running the following command:

composer create-project mblode/craft3 ./temp -sdev --prefer-dist && mv temp/* temp/.[^.]* . && rm -rf temp/

Let's break this down. The create-project command downloads and sets up a new Craft project from our base repository. However, the command requires the directory to be empty, which is currently isn't due to it now being a Git repository (a hidden .git folder). So, we create our project in ./temp as a temporary folder. Then, we move all files up one folder with mv temp/* temp/.[^.]* . and delete the temporary folder with rm -rf temp/.

Once the above has completed, you'll be presented with the Craft Welcome screen. Run ./craft setup to start configuring your project's database and other settings.

./craft setup

Hint: To do everying in a single one-liner, use the following:

composer create-project mblode/craft3 ./temp -sdev --prefer-dist && mv temp/* temp/.[^.]* . && rm -rf temp/ && ./craft setup