LaSalle Content Management System flagship app.


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My Flagship App is the Laravel app, version/branch 5.3, modified for use with my LaSalle Software packages.

The sole reason for modifying the Laravel app is convenience, as there are a few things extra that need to be here, and it would sure help if I could do these mods once.

My Flagship App is completely the Laravel app, with some mods.



This is the flagship app for my LaSalle Software.


LaSalle Software is my Laravel 5.3 based web application software.

LaSalle Software is comprised of inter-related packages that work together. This flagship app is the starting point for LaSalle Software based apps.


Laravel 5.3 is a superb PHP framework. I am very happy that I chose to specialize in Laravel.

Laravel is not in-and-of-itself a ready-made web application that you just unfurl and your basic site is there. For instance, there is no built-in blog. By design. Laravel is a framework with which to build your web app. It is not itself a web app.

I set out to create the extra web app "infrastructure" based on Laravel. A ready-made blog. A ready-made administration site. A ready-made user management piece. The type of thing that are common to most web applications. This web app "infrastructure" became LaSalle Software.

Central to LaSalle Software is the LaSalle Content Management System. Created as a suite of inter-related packages, LaSalleCMS is "the blog"; and, serves as the foundation for building out web applications.

Administrative Form Automation

Once I had LaSalleCMS to the point where I could actually build out custom web apps, I started building out my own web apps. In so doing, I discovered that there "had to be a better" way to create administration forms, because hand crafting the forms in general, and hand crafting the forms within LaSalle Software, took a lot of time.

So I created LaSalle's Administrative Form Automation that automates much of the "spinning up" of the forms.

There is only one area that is unabashedly "Bob-ish": my administrative form automation. This area, properly so, is not addressed in the Framework. There are many ideas out there about streamlined ways to create administration forms. However, I need a version that fits my LaSalle Software. So I came up with my own innovation to address this need.

Admin form automation represents an important economic feature. Without having to hand-craft the admin forms, "spinning up" web app packages got a whole lot faster.

My admin form automation is deeply inspired by the fabulous Akeeba Framework on Framework, which was the basis for my LaSalleMart ecommerce extension for Joomla 3.x.

Admin form automation is the most "bespoke" aspect of LaSalle Software (IMO), as I innovated to satisfy a deep fundamental need.


If you discover any security related issues, please email Bob Bloom at "info at southlasalle dot com" instead of using the issue tracker.