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Landofcoder Magento 2 Marketplace Layered Navigation will help better enhance user experience and bring best shopping experience for customers. This powerful extension is a powerful map that direct customers to their desired products in some clicks. Also, It allows admin to apply multiple filter selection in the same category, which can greatly benefit shoppers who are comparing products. So, even when your marketplace has thousands of products are being sold, it’s not difficult at all to find out just one product which meets your customer’s need.

Let’s see how it can simplify the finding process for any products:

Multi-filter Support Easily Filter By Multiple Categories Select Multiple Attributes At Once Fully Optimized For Mobiles Ajax Loading Page Flexible Vertical & Horizontal Filter Remove All Selected Options At Once Filter Products By Stock Availability Multiple Stores Support


This is a plugin of Magento 2 Marketplace Extension. To use this module smoothly, you must install Magento 2 Marketplace Module first.

2. Documentation

3. Highlight Features

Fully Optimized For Mobiles

Whenever & Wherever customers are, they can visit your marketplace to make some transaction easily. You can bring best shopping experience even on mobile for them by letting them find products easily in the mobile interface thank to the powerful functions of wonderful filter attributes. No barriers and no troubles, you can attract more and more potential customers to your marketplace.

Available Multi-Filters Support

Marketplace Layered Navigation allows shoppers to apply as many filters as they want to search for a product even when those filters belong to only one product attribute. Thus, buyers have more options and compare those options more easily. Moreover, the filtering process will be easier with:

  • Layered Navigation Attributes can be shown on certain category pages
  • Easily restrict attributes visibility on specific category pages
  • Enable/ disable multiple selection for each product attribute individually

Easily Filter By Multiple Categories

Customers can look for products with specific attributes such as colors, size, materials, price, styles, climates, and other custom attributes set up by admin in the backend. So, among thousands of products in your marketplace, customers still can find the only one product they want in a short time.

Filter Products By Stock Availability

It’s very convenient for customers to know whether this product is in or out of stock or not. It will save time of shopping for them when choosing the products regarding as type, brand, etc. When filtering by stock availability, customers can be limited with potential products they can buy, avoiding after adding to cart, it appears that “the product is out of stock now”.

Select Numerous Filtered Aspects At Once

If customers want to search products more detailly with lots of requirements or signals. They will get lost in your marketplace if they dont have support from Magento 2 Layered Navigation Addon. It can let them choose multiple attributes at the same time to seek for their products quickly.

Powerful Ajax Loading Page

Searching desired products among thousands of items will make your customers confused. To save time & effort of both you, sellers and customers. This extension is supported with Ajax loading, so products filtered by shoppers immediately appear. Depending on the version of Layered Navigation, filtered products can be displayed right after each filtering or after all filters are applied. Hence, this not only improves shopper experience but also speeds up page loading.

Flexible Vertical & Horizontal Filter

Even vertical or horizontal, customers can filter to seek for any products quickly. Clean & Clear Arrangement in any style can make the searching process more convenient & friendly-user.

Smart & Useful Product Count

After each filtering, the module will count the number of filtered products and display it in round brackets () beside each item. This function help shoppers learn about each selection’s quantity.

Remove All Selected Options At Once

A lot of options appear in one shopping interface will make customers confused when filtering products. It is easy way for customer to delete all selected filter options and start new filter to refresh shopping process.

4. Full features:

Search by product attributes Multi select Attributes Ajax Loading page Filter Option Price sliders and other numeric filters Fully Responsive Advanced categories menu In/out of stock filters Set the number of filter result Attributes management Flexible remove filter options Supports multiple stores Easy to install and configure Vertical and Horizontal Navigation Multiple values of the same filter; Images and labels instead of text for better visual browsing; 'All products' and 'All brands' pages; Built-in Shop by Brand functionality; Brands Slider for any CMS page or a block; Custom URL alias for filters options; SEO-friendly URLs; Flexible canonical URL modes for category and 'all-products' pages.

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