Manages access to collections from different types of sources.

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Collection Access

Provides a uniform interface for accessing the contents of collections.

This library provides the ability to manipulate an array or array accessible list of values inside of an array or an object. Support is provided for objects with public properties, magic methods, and accessors (e.g. add*(), get*(), etc.).


// An example array with a collection.
$array = ['values' => []];

// An example object with a collection.
$object = new class() {
    private $values = [];
    public function addValue($value) : void {
        $this->values[] = $value;
    public function getValues(int $offset = 0, int $limit = null) : array {
        return array_slice($this->values, $offset, $limit);
    public function hasValue($value) : bool {
        return in_array($value, $this->values, true);
    public function removeValue($value) : void {
        $indexes = array_keys($this->values, $value, true);
        if (!empty($indexes)) {
    public function setValues(array $values) : void {
        $this->values = $values;

// Create a new collection accessor.
$accessor = new KHerGe\CollectionAccess\CollectionAccessor();

// Create a value to use as an example.
$value = 123;

// Add the value.
$accessor->add($array, 'values', $value);
$accessor->add($object, 'values', $value);

// Get the values.
$values = $accessor->get($array, 'values');
$values = $accessor->get($object, 'values');

// Get the values with arguments for the getter method.
// (Only works with getter methods.)
$values = $accessor->get($object, 'values', 1, 1);

// Check for a value.
if ($accessor->has($array, 'values', $value)) {
    // ...

if ($accessor->has($object, 'values', $value)) {
    // ...

// Remove a value.
$accessor->remove($array, 'values', $value);
$accessor->remove($object, 'values', $value);

// Replace all values.
$accessor->set($array, 'values', $values);
$accessor->set($object, 'values', $values);


  • PHP 7.1+
  • Composer
    • Doctrine Inflector 1.0+
    • PSR Cache 1.0+


composer require kherge/collection-access


The collection accessor is found in:

use KHerGe\CollectionAccess\CollectionAccessor;

The constructor accepts some arguments, all having default values:

public function __construct(
    CacheItemPoolInterface $cache = null,
    bool $exception = false,
    bool $magic = false,
    array $methods = [
        CollectionAccessor::ADD => ['add%s', 'assign%s'],
        CollectionAccessor::GET => ['get%s'],
        CollectionAccessor::HAS => ['has%s', 'contains%s'],
        CollectionAccessor::REMOVE => ['remove%s', 'unassign%s'],
        CollectionAccessor::SET => ['set%s', 'replace%s']


This is the cache item pool that will be used by the collection accessor to store and retrieve accessor information. This will save the accessor from having to continuously rediscover how a collection is accessed for an object. Any cache pool implementing PSR-6 is supported.


This is a flag that is used to determine how a collection that does not exist in a given value should be handled. If this flag is set to true and the collection does not exist, an exception is thrown. Otherwise, the collection is automatically created before manipulating it.


This is a flag used to determine if the __call magic method should be used if a non-magic accessor is not available.


This is an array containing lists of method name templates that are to be tried when attempting to discover an accessor for the collection. If none of these methods exist, an attempt at using a magic method is made if the $magic flag is set to true.


This library is available under the MIT and Apache 2.0 licenses.