ReactPHP based module aiming to protect a node against overloading

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Not maintained. Considered as prototype

ReactPHP based process manager, allowing to control loading and automatically stop or temporarily pause processes if they exceed set CPU usage or MemFree limit.

Note: currently functioning only on Ubuntu/Debian OS (because of CommandsExecutor module limitations)


composer require jamset/process-load-manager

Additional needed libs installation guide could be found here. Section "Install PECL" and "Optional".

Note: not tested on PHP7


Module goal is to protect a node against overloading by controlling load size of every process that launched by Pm&Lm through any queue system (such as Gearman, RabbitMQ or other). Example of use could be found here

Where process is worker that do any useful work.


  • Can pause/continue processes and so important data will not be loosed by termination with high level of probability (to make it bigger it's possible to set bigger MemoryGap parameter at initialization)

  • Can terminate processes by SIGTERM or by sending command in process to throw an Exception that can be handled and interrupt execution

I.e. Gearman (http://gearman.org/) worker (queue handler on the schema) block any signal besides SIGKILL, so become impossible to correctly send SIGTERM (and so handle termination, do something during it) from Pm and correct termination become possible only from inside a process that have to be terminated. And Pm send to such process JSON with PIDs to terminate through ZMQ PUB socket. Where all connected processes are subscribers and they search their PID in such JSON and if found - throw relevant exception, that have to be handled in process and lead to the conclusion of a script, allowing to send script's results somewhere if needed or just to make immediate termination. In default mode to make termination Pm just sends SIGTERM

  • You can choose size of MemFree and CPU usage limit, and it will balance processes number in this limits

Note: For correct tasks execution is needed module that will handle tasks, which were not complete correctly because of force termination.


Process & Load manager schema


    $manager = new React\ProcessManager\Pm();      
    $processManagerDto = new React\ProcessManager\Inventory\ProcessManagerDto();
    //Number of tasks, that have to be handled by Pm&Lm
    //its code showed lower, implementation for Laravel console command, but it could any command, launched by shell 
    //(by proc_open function, http://php.net/manual/ru/function.proc-open.php)
    $processManagerDto->setLoadManagerProcessCommand("php artisan react:load-manager");
    //the same. Any command, by which launched process, that handles tasks from queue and execute specific work
    $processManagerDto->setWorkerProcessCommand("php artisan gearman:fetch:stat:worker);
    $processManagerDto->setModuleName("ProcessManager " . $moduleName);
    $pmLmSocketsParams = new PmLmSocketsParamsDto();
    $loadManagerDto = new LoadManagerDto();
    $loadManagerDto->setModuleName("LoadManager " . $moduleName);
    $loadManagerDto->setStandardMemoryGap(200000); //Kb
    $performerSocketsParams = new PerformerSocketsParamsDto();
    //case described in Features        
    //main work
    //if PM loading as task of high level, i.e. in Gearman
    $manager->getExecutionDto()->setExecutionMessage("PM with id " . $taskId . " going to finish.");
    //for case of Gearman architecture: send result into queue to handle it with TasksInspector: 
    //report a problem or repeat task's execution if error exists 

Code of Load manager command (called by Pm during initialization). Example for Laravel console command:

     * Execute the console command.
     * @return null
    public function fire()
        $loadManager = new React\ProcessManager\LoadManager\Lm();

        return null;

Example of connecting script (Service) to the module:

Init TerminatorPauseStander

$this->terminatorPauseStander = new React\ProcessManager\TerminatorPauseStander();

and then put its method that handle termination and standing on pause/continue on many places in your code. (the more often it will be called the faster will be the reaction to the Pm commands)