Micro PHP Framework

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Micro PHP Framework

What makes a powerful framework? I would say that it depends on the need, on whether you want to create Google's adversary or just want a small blog page. Maybe you don't want a site at all, after all as many people forget, PHP is not just for web. There are a great deal of PHP frameworks to choose from, however many have one ting in common which is that they are large and complex becuse they include almost everything in order to accommodate everyones need. But not every project require a framework the size of a small operating system.

IMPHP is not trying to make something better, it just tries to make it smaller. I wanted something small to build from that could easily be adapted into whatever project I would want to use it on. I quickly realized that it would be faster to build something from scratch rather than try to strip down existing frameworks to a reasonable size. Since I was making it anyway, why not share it in case others would find it useful for something.

PHP 7.1

PHP 7.0 was a great release intruducing a great deal of new features, most notably scalar types that allows more control over arguments and return types. Sadly the 7.0 was not complete in this area as a few things was still missing, most importantly nullable types. PHP 7.1 completes it by adding nullable, void, iterable and more to the mix.

IMPHP requires PHP >= 7.1 simply because 7.0 feels to much like an incomplete version where great new features has only been partially added. It bugged the sh** out of me while working with it, so the PHP version was upgrated.


Clone it via git.

git clone imphp/


You can also install it via Composer.

composer require imphp/imphp