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    An HTML DOM parser. It allows you to manipulate HTML. Find tags on an HTML page with selectors just like jQuery.

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    PHP library for Vault

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    digphp psr17

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    karrio Multi-carrier Shipping API PHP client library

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    test for autoload

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    TransferZero Client Library for PHP

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    Integrated Pusher replacement.

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    # Introduction ## Overview This is the specification of the DP-DHL Group Parcel Return Web Services for business customers. This web service allows business customers to create returnlabels on demand. ## Pre-conditions In order to access this service, a registration for the DP-DHL Group Customer Integration Gateway ("CIG") is required. Partners can register [here]( Apart from CIG credentials, a partner system has to identify itself and needs be authorized for this particular service. This requires another pair of credentials. Both credentials must be passed as request headers. (See "Web service authentication".) The service can only be reached through HTTPS. HTTP requests are ignored (by CIG). The web service is a REST interface that can be accessed by a number of libraries and tools for different programming languages and environments. ## Error handling All error responses (4xx and 5xx) have the `Content-Type` header set to `application/problem+json` or `application/problem+xml`, if the requests `Content-Type` were `application/json` or `application/xml`. The response content must also contain the HTTP return code as well as the reason for the error. For example ``` {"code":"INVALID_PRODUCT_SELECTION","detail":"Invalid product/service combination."} ``` Note that the error code given here is a business-level error code, not the HTTP error code. The most common HTTP codes to expect from this service are: >400: Bad Request. A client error that can denote a syntax or semantic error. Error details can be found in the return `Error` object. Do not repeat the request without changing it. >401: Authentication failed. The caller provided the wrong credentials. Do not repeat the request without changing it. >403: Authorization failed. The caller has provided the correct credentials, but hasn't got sufficient privileges to access a given resource. ## Web Service Authentication The caller needs two sets of credentials: The Gateway (CIG) authenticates users using [Basic HTTP Authentication](, passed as a `Authorization` request header ``` 'Authorization: Basic <base-64 coded cigUser:cigPassword>' ``` The authentication of the partner system is given by the `DPDHL-User-Authentication-Token` header. The value uses the same syntax as that of the `Authentication`. ``` 'DPDHL-User-Authentication-Token: <base-64 coded partnerId:partnerPassword>' ```

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    <p>The <strong>Feed API</strong> lets sellers upload input files, download reports and files including their status, filter reports using URI parameters, and retrieve customer service metrics task details.</p>

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    A Docker Api Client

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    This is a fork of mittwald/vault-php PHP library for Vault

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    Static site generator

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    Twitter API v2 available endpoints