PHP library to access and serve JSKOS data and services

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jskos is a PHP library for easy processing of knowledge organization systems (KOS) as classifications, thesauri, and authority files given in JSKOS data format. JSKOS is a JSON format based on Simple Knowledge Organisation System (SKOS).


JSKOS-PHP requires at least PHP 7.0. No additional libraries are required.


With composer

Install the latest version with

composer require gbv/jskos

This will automatically create composer.json for your project (unless it already exists) and add jskos as dependency. Composer also generates vendor/autoload.php to get autoloading of all dependencies:

require_once __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

$concept = new JSKOS\Concept( [ "uri" => "" ] );
echo $concept->json();

Usage and examples

API documentation is published at

The jskos-php-examples repository contains several examples, including wrappers of existing terminology services (Wikidata, GND...) to JSKOS-API.

The examples can be tried online at


See for technical details.

Bugs and feature request are tracked on GitHub.

Author and License

Jakob Voß

JSKOS-PHP is licensed under the LGPL license - see for details.

See alse

JSKOS is created as part of project coli-conc:

The current specification of JSKOS is available at