PHP Bitcoin library with functions for transactions, signatures, serialization, Random/Deterministic ECDSA keys, blocks, RPC bindings


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This repository contains an implementation of Bitcoin using mostly pure PHP.


You can install this library via Composer: composer require bitwasp/bitcoin


All contributions are welcome. Please see [this page] before you get started


Check out the beginnings of the documentation for the library: [Introduction]

Presently supported:

  • Bloom filters
  • Blocks, headers, and merkle blocks
  • P2SH & Segregated witness scripts
  • An adaptable elliptic-curve library, using [PhpEcc] by default, or libsecp256k1 if the bindings are found
  • Support for building, parsing, signing/validating transactions
  • Deterministic signatures (RFC6979)
  • BIP32 and electrum (older type I) deterministic key algorithms
  • ScriptFactory for common input/output types, parser, interpreter, and classifiers
  • Supports bindings to libbitcoinconsensus
  • RPC bindings to Bitcoin Core's RPC
  • Bindings to Stratum (electrum) servers
  • Easy serialization to binary representation of most classes
  • SIGHASH types when creating transactions

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