Two-stage signup process for ZfcUser

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Version 1.0.0 Created by the Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation (

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NOTE: This module is very old (and unmaintained) and so may no longer be fit for purpose. I suggest checking out HtUserRegistration instead.


CdliTwoStageSignup is an extension to ZfcUser which converts the new account registration process into a two-stage process where the prospective new user's email address is verified before they are permitted to create a new account:

  • Step 1: Email Address Verification
  • Step 2: Account Creation

Email Address Verification is performed by sending an email with a registration token to the email address provided by the user in Step 1. When the user receives the email and clicks on the registration link, they will be directed to the ZfcUser account registration form to complete the registration process. This ensures that the email address provided by the user is valid and under their control.


(1) Installation

Choose one of the two available installation methods:


  1. Add the following line inside the require block of your composer.json file:
"cdli/CdliTwoStageSignup": "dev-master"
  1. Run php composer.phar update

Git Submodule

  1. Follow the ZfcUser installation instructions to install that module and it's dependencies.

  2. Clone this project into your ./vendor/ directory

cd vendor;
git clone git://;

(2) Configuration

  1. Ensure that this module and it's dependencies are enabled in your application.config.php file in the following order:
    • ZfcBase
    • ZfcUser
    • CdliTwoStageSignup
  2. Import the SQL schema located in ./vendor/CdliTwoStageSignup/data/schema_up.mysql.sql.
  3. Copy ./vendor/CdliTwoStageSignup/config/ to ./config/autoload/
  4. Fill in the required configuration variable values in ./config/autoload/


This code is considered proof-of-concept, and has not been vetted or tested for inclusion in a production environment. Use of this code in such environments is at your own risk.

Released under the New BSD license. See file LICENSE included with the source code for this project for a copy of the licensing terms.