Small self hostable link shortening service written in PHP with the slim micro framework

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v2.2.1 2018-09-14 15:43 UTC

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A small self hostable link shortening service writting in PHP with the Slim micro framework



git clone path/to/install && cd path/to/install

The master branch should always be stable, but it is recommended to checkout the latest tagged release. Check out the release page for the latest updates, and upgrade/migrations guides.

git checkout v2.2.0

Then install the dependencies

composer install

Environment Variables

For development it's good enough to just copy the example .env file and modify it as needed

cp .env.example .env

In production you should set real environment variables for the process. The .env.example contains the required variables.

Database Setup

Run the database migrations to create the database schema

vendor/bin/doctrine-migrations migrations:migrate


The storage directory will need write permissions for the web server.

Ubuntu/Debian: sudo chown -R www-data:www-data storage

FreeBSD: sudo chown -R www:www storage


Take a look at the releases page to see the latest releases. You can also subscribe to that page as an rss feed, as it's url doubles as a feed. Each release will contain the release notes and other information like if migrations are required.

v2.1.0 And Above

We now have an upgrade script that will take care of everything.

php upgrade.php [version number]

This command will fetch the latest changes, checkout the version specified, and run migrations.

Make sure you include the v in the version number.

The Old way

git fetch --tags && git checkout [version-number] - This will fetch the updates and then switch to the version number you specified. Make sure you replace [version-number] with the version number you want to upgrade to, including the letter v

composer install - To install new dependencies in case there were any

vendor/bin/doctrine-migrations migrations:migrate - Runs database migrations in case any are needed. This is safe to run regardless of if there are migrations or not.


Weelnk is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.