PHP opinionated framework

1.0.3 2021-05-02 21:28 UTC




The PHP library used by app-UI

You can install the library through Composer

  "require": {
    "nabab/bbn": "dev/master"

A library targeted at Single Page Applications that includes:

  • An MVC framework
  • A powerful ORM supporting database structure analysis and plenty of return methods
  • An options' class on which most app-UI features are based
  • API classes for integrating external services (Virtualmin, Cloudmin, Github...)
  • A History class allowing to store each change done in the database and revert them
  • Files, Images, and PDF files manipulation classes
  • Filesystems explorator
  • An automated task management system
  • A universal caching system
  • HTML generation classes
  • Users and groups management classes
  • Parsers for PHP, Javascript and VueJS components
  • Specific classes for app-UI features such as:
    • Notes
    • Medias
    • Chat
    • Clipboard
    • CMS
    • Dashboard
    • Databases management system
    • Databases synchronization system
    • IDE
    • Automated mailings
    • Internationalization
    • Masking system for letters and texts
    • A notification system
    • Data's observers
    • Passwords management
    • Planning and events management
    • Specific projects management system targetted at app-UI
    • A statistics system
    • A general project and workflow management system
  • A bunch of static methods for manipulating all kind of data and other useful functions
  • And many other features!

It is not yet released and there is a big work of code review, translation and documentation ahead.

Also no testing has been implemented yet, knowledge and ressources are needed...

Any help is welcome!