My fork slim skeleton

3.2.22 2018-11-03 13:45 UTC


Fork Slim-Skeleton
Origin https://github.com/slimphp/Slim-Skeleton
Documentation [en] https://www.slimframework.com/
Documentation [ru] https://www.slimframework.ru/

Это мой форк для своего проекта, вам он не нужен.

Install the Application

Run this command from the directory in which you want to install your new Slim Framework application.

`php composer.phar create-project composer require api-fork-slim-skeleton/api-fork-slim-skeleton [my-app-name]`  
`composer create-project api-fork-slim-skeleton/api-fork-slim-skeleton slim dev-master`

Replace [my-app-name] with the desired directory name for your new application. You'll want to:

  • Point your virtual host document root to your new application's public/ directory.
  • Ensure logs/ is web writeable.

To run the application in development, you can run these commands

cd [my-app-name]
php composer.phar start

Run this command in the application directory to run the test suite

php composer.phar test

That's it! Now go build something cool.