Add Google Analytics link tracking automatically

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Add Google Analytics link tracking automatically

Table of contents

Quick start

Several quick start options are available:

What's included

Within the download you'll find the following directories and files, logically grouping common assets and providing both compiled and minified variations. You'll see something like this:

├── ga-events.js
├── ga-events.min.js


Example file upload and usage:


<!-- Include jQuery Beforehand -->
<script src="ga-events.js"></script>

Available options

  • uaId: string Google Analytics ID.
  • uid: string Google Analytics User-ID value.
  • enableScrollTrack: boolean Enable scroll data sending.
  • enableClickTrack: boolean Enable global click data sending.
  • enableMailTrack: boolean Enable mailto data sending.
  • enableDownloadTrack: boolean Enable download data sending.
  • enableLinkTrack: boolean Enable link data sending.
  • enableButtonTrack: boolean Enable button data sending.
  • enableSubmitTrack: boolean Enable submit data sending.
  • downloadTrackExtension: array Enable download data sending.
  • enableAnchorTrack: boolean Enable anchor data sending.
  • enablePrintTrack: boolean Enable print data sending.
  • printTrackBefore: boolean Enable before print data sending.
  • printTrackAfter: boolean Enable after print data sending.
  • enableIdlePageTrack: boolean Enable idle data sending.
  • idlePageInterval: integer Average time that will send idle data.
  • enableErrorTrack: boolean Enable javascript error
  uaId: false,
  uid: false,
  enableScrollTrack: false,
  enableClickTrack: false,
  enableMailTrack: true,
  enableDownloadTrack: true,
  enableLinkTrack: true,
  enableButtonTrack: true,
  enableSubmitTrack: true,
  downloadTrackExtension: ['zip', 'pdf', 'doc', 'docx'],
  enableAnchorTrack: true,
  enablePrintTrack: true,
  printTrackBefore: false,
  printTrackAfter: true,
  enableIdlePageTrack: false,
  idlePageInterval: 60 * 1000,
  enableErrorTrack: true