Packages tagged with manipulation

  • PHP


    Combine words from word lists into strings in Laravel 5.

  • kingjerod/php-image-tools

    An image manipulation library utilizing Imagick.

  • jlorente/yii2-image

    A Yii2 extension to provide the framework with a powerful backend and frontend tool to manipulate images and attach them to models

  • bocharsky-bw/arrayzy

    A PHP array easy manipulation library in OOP way

  • pyrsmk/imagix

    The simple image effects library

  • sonatra/doctrine-console-bundle

    Helper for display and manage the doctrine object in console

  • dobby007/mrcolor

    Color manipulation tools and format conversion for PHP. This is the fork of . The package name of the original library is 'syholloway/mrcolor'

  • PHP


    Wonderfully easy on-demand image manipulation library with an HTTP based API.

  • noordawod/image-man

    A utility library for image manipulation, retouching and resizing.

  • PHP


    A string manipulation library with multibyte support

  • PHP


    Fork of pathogen, a general-purpose path library for PHP, but without using isolator.

  • fg/parkour

    A collection of utilities to manipulate arrays.

  • martin-kozianka/contao-imagefilter

    Imagefilter for contao based on Intervention Image (

  • PHP


    A package that takes in a color hex and returns potential foreground colours and background colour variations. Very useful for creating CSS gradients and dynamically figuring out foreground colour.

  • 6px/6px

    PHP library for cloud6