Packages tagged with event

  • silverstripe-australia/silverstripe-eventlocations

    An extension to the Event Management module that lets you attach a location to an event.

  • zemistr/z

    Z is the base of everything. Why? Just because!

  • xms/xms

    xml based cmf with dom events support, observable instance methods and properties

  • gosquared/php-sdk

  • marebe1602/mae_event_categories

    this plugin allows the definition of additional categories for filtering events in eventlist frontend modules

  • chaseconey/laravel-activity

    A simple Laravel model activity recording mechanism

  • morozovsk/websocket

    simple php websocket server with examples and demo: simple chat (single daemon) - , pro chat (master + worker) - , simple game -

  • php-lab/event


    Ultra small but powerful event dispatcher. Does not require implement special methods for listeners.

  • gburtini/hooks

    Hooks, plugins, filters, event-driven programming, plugin architecture all in a clean easy interface.

  • icicleio/event-emitter

    Event Emitter is a library that allows objects to emit events that invoke a set of registered callbacks.

  • kabudu/event-logger

    Event logger is a PHP based event logger library that makes it easy to collect and query events in your web application based on user or system actions.

  • apigen/event-dispatcher

    Event Dispatcher component for ApiGen

  • gomachan46/state-machine

    simple state machine with annotations for PHP, inspired by AASM known as a Ruby state machine.

  • icicleio/icicle

    Icicle is a PHP library for writing asynchronous code using synchronous coding techniques.

  • simple-es/doctrine-dbal-bridge

    A bridge for using Doctrine DBAL as event store